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Why Outsource Your Financials?


Time and Money

Take back time and save money by hiring an expert to manage your financials.


Access your financials online anytime from anywhere. 

Profit First Certified

Discover where your business is now and learn how to bring it to the next level.

What we do

Every Single Bean is on a mission to build profitable companies that care for others. We use technology, automation and a team approach to create solutions that allow entrepreneurs to make timely profit based decisions that grow your business.

Who we work with

We attract specific clients - those who want their businesses to be leaders in their industry.  This takes commitment and some tough decisions.  Are you ready to make your business more profitable?

Naturopathic Doctors are our Specialty. However, no matter what service based industry you are in, we take the time to find out how we can help you grow your business. Every Single Bean cares for your business so it can care for you.

How we do it

We are your virtual solution.  We know what ND’s need to grow their practice.  We have successfully worked with ND’s throughout the West.

Bookkeeping services: Good bookkeeping provides the foundation for all financial decisions.

Every Single Bean uses Quickbooks Online and picks up the monthly fee. We'll categorize the bank and credit card transactions, and reconcile the banks and credit cards.

Accounting services: Getting the books ready for the external users.

Every Single Bean speaks fluent accounting so we can talk to your tax preparer and get everything ready for their use. We're happy to talk with your bankers and loan officers if needed.

Financial Analysis: Oh yea! Let the fun begin.

Every Single Bean will sit down with you in person or online. We want to get to know you, your why, and the great things you want to accomplish with your business. We use a financial analysis software called Fathom that lets us dig into your company and build some awesome reports that you will understand!


barrel of beans-04-04.png

Barrel of Beans

You’ve gotten this far. You have clients and know your industry. So why are you plateauing? How do you begin to know, well...what you don’t know?

If you’re ready to dig deep into your business and learn about things like “key performance indicators” then this package is for you. Take the next step and grow your practice with Every Single Bean.

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Bucket of Beans

This package is for the small business owner that not only wants support and clarity in their practice, but also wants to take back their office and organize their paperwork into an online program they can access from anywhere.

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Basic Beans

Get your small business financially organized with our one time in-person meeting and online how-to course. We provide you the opportunity to run what you know best, your company, not the finances.

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